Custom study and the algorithm

Hi guys,

i often use “custom study” to learn new cards from a bigger deck by tags. I do this because it is far easier for me to learn new cards this way.

Recently i read that this method can mess up the algorithm. Is this true?
And does it also mess up with the algorithm if i use custom study to review cards?
Is there any other solution to learn new cards by tags?

Thank you and apologize for any mistakes (English is not my first language) :smiley:

Using custom study shouldn’t mess up the algorithm, either if you use the reschedule option or not.

Reviewing ahead won’t mess things up, but you may not make forward progress: Filtered Decks - Anki Manual

Thank you for the reply!

If i just use the Custom study to learn new cards for the first time and after that i ONLY review them in their original deck then there should be no problem?

That should be fine, yes.

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