What should be the ideal option amongst these for review?


Ideally you don’t use custom study for review. The algorithm behind the regular deck works pretty good. Cstom study is more suitable for craming, overstudying or studying only specific tags.

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Depends on what you need and what your learning circumstances are.

  • An exam is in a few days; or
  • Siblings / related cards are shown in predictable order.

Ascending order:

  • You want to review the smallest ivl cards first, pref in the morning bec they are hardest
  • You want to have a Dynamic Interval Modifyer – you start at 80% and as the intervals grow you bump the IM by 5.
  • Backlog. The low ivl cards are more likely to lapse so u want to get them first hoping you would remember them.

Descending order. …

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I am using filtered decks to study them tag wise and this is one of them where I accumulate all my pending reviews.