May I use math formulas to create a filtered deck?

may I use math formulas to create a filtered deck?
Example: I have a full course deck (say 12 lessons) but I want to study only till today (7th lesson).
I do it with with a looong series of “or” like:

tag:marugoto::A2::15* or tag:marugoto::A2::016* or tag:marugoto::A2::017* or tag:marugoto::A2::018* is:due

But it’s crazy with a long course.
Thank you.

I can’t think of a simple way to do that. However, with the upcoming improvements to the browser sidebar and other parts of Anki, this should become a lot easier.
As something to look forward to: You should be able to select a range of tags in the sidebar, have them concatenated by “or” and press a shortcut to open the filtered deck dialogue with the resulting search set automatically.

Just to temper expectations: while that is a natural extension of the work that has been done so far, adjusting the search via multiple selection is not implemented at the moment, and there are some issues to be worked through before it can be.

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