Time slot for when the card should be shown again

I don’t know why but my settings have changed by themselves on when a card should be shown again based on how good you’ve remembered the answer to the question. usually it says like: 1 minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes but in my decks it’s: 10 minutes, 1 month, 1 yeaaar??? i can’t find anything on how i can change that.

Thank you already for the answer,


Can you make a screenshot of the “New Cards” and “Reviews” tabs in the deck options? It should look similar to this:


Thank You for helping me! oh and forgot to mention i set my language in german but “Tage” means days

Don’t worry about the transaltion, I’m German, too. :slight_smile:
But if you don’t mind I will keep writing in English because other users might come here with a similar.

Your options for new cards look normal. Can you now make a screenshot of the “Wiederholungen” tab?

I don:slight_smile: mind it all and here you go :slight_smile:

That looks all right as well. So you shouldn’t see intervals as far apart as one month and one year for a card. But if you have cards with long intervals (because you have answered them correctly many times), it’s completely normal that you see options like <10 m | 3.7 mo | 8 mo | 1.1y.
As a spaced repetition program, it is Anki’s intention to show you cards less and less often when you keep remembering them.

Perhaps relevant: https://faqs.ankiweb.net/due-times-after-a-break.html

yes but this is the problem: it was my first time studying the deck so i couldn’t have that kind of result that it would drastically change to such a big amount of days

and also forgot to mention i took the decks from smb, so probably it’s his algorithm right now

Yes, that explains it. To share his deck with you, he needs to export it without his scheduling information. You can point him to this section of the manual:

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