Help! Scheduling off

My intervals are crazy big for cards that I have barely learned! It’s just on subdecks I have recently added, even though the settings say they are the same for all the decks. I tried changing the max interval to 5mo, but that didn’t help, it just capped good and easy there. Thank you!!

Example of normal interval in one deck:

Example of messed up interval in other deck:

Card info for that card to show that I haven’t learned it enough for the intervals to be that big:

My settings:

Please help!! Thank you, o wise Anki people!

The delays in your learning steps are too short, the graduating intervall is too short. Currently all your learning happens within one day. Click the small icon next to each field to learn more and try to use the standard settings.

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You learned the card in January. You repeated the card today. It means eight months later. Next interval is calculated from the real last interval. Therefore the next interval is more than eight months. In this case, 10.1m and 2.2y.


It’s European style dates, so I actually just made the card August 1st!

No, it goes year-month-day, which is evident from the first date at the top of that screenshot: 2021-12-27. Similarly, 2022-01-08 is January 8, not August 1.

So what you are seeing is described here:


Oh, you are completely right! Thank you so much! I had forgotten I made these cards so long ago. I really appreciate your help!

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