The problem of displaying the Arabic language in Anki 2.1.6+

I have a problem displaying the Arabic language in the version that 2.1.6 and above, See the picture below for clarification, as you will find the words intermittent, not in all cases, some parts, especially the buttons, the language is not clear, and in displaying cards or the like it is clear

Up for waitin answer

This is probably a good question for @abdo. In the meantime, is it similar to how my R is cut off on the Restore Deleted button?

Yes, same problem

is there solution for that?

I guess we’ll both find out. I haven’t reported it because it hasn’t bothered me too much. I think I have seen it on other dialogs as well, but can’t remember which ones. Also I don’t seem to be able to reproduce this consistently, it is not doing this today. What happens if you hold down the Shift key then open Anki to bypass the add-ons?

this case with you is small, with me you cannot imagine how much problem, one day i removed some media by mistake because of it, so i wish if there way to fix

Maybe try increasing the width of the window by dragging its left or right border. The text of the buttons should eventually become fully visible (and the window should keep the new size the next time you open it).

If I remember correctly, this is due to the Qt version currently used by Anki, which prevents the buttons from expanding if they cannot fit the window.

E.g. before

After increasing the width:

it is good idea but Unfortunately, it does not work in all cases, as there are sometimes windows for a yes or no question and the same problem

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