Arabic text error after update to version later than 2.1.61


today I updated from version 2.1.61 to 2.1.65.

Arabic words are not displayed correctly anymore (letters are not recognizeable properly)

I tested also all other releases (x.62, x.63, x.64) and faced the same issue.

Now downgraded back to 2.1.61 - and it works as before.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-06 um 09.28.21

2.1.62 … 2.1.65:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-06 um 09.29.48

Thanks for support.


Are you able to move one problem card to a new deck, export it to an .apkg, and share it publicly so we can try to reproduce it? Qt was updated in 2.1.62, so it sounds like some change in the toolkit. You may have more luck with 2.1.65-qt5.

Probably a font rendering issue in Qt. The issue doesn’t appear with the default font according to my tests.

Hi dea and abdo.

First of all, thanks a lot for you support. The hint according to default font helped. I am using a custom font for arabic letters:

For testing, switched to standard font and also to a different custom font and it worked:

This workaround is ok for me - nevertheless, maybe it’s interesting to know, what is the issue here.

Let me know if you need the font for testing purposes etc.

Thanks and best regards,

Missed to mention, I am using macOS11+ (Apple Silicon 2.1.65 QT6).

Glad to hear it’s limited to a specific font. Unfortunately that probably means the toolkit people won’t be interested in fixing it any time soon, but hopefully this will be resolved in a future update.

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