Arabic text color separtes words

I wanted to change the color of one part of the world like in the picture below

Unfortunately, I’m not able to do this as Anki separates the word into two every time I try to change the color. I can’t have two colors in one word. Below it’s the result of what I’m getting

Is there any way to fix this?

I don’t have a fix, but this appears to be an issue in the Web engine that Anki uses (QtWebEngine, based on Chromium). Chrome has no problem rendering the text correctly. Do you also have the issue when reviewing? it looks correct for me in the reviewer.


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I didn’t check the preview before, but you’re right. It renders correctly while reviewing. Thanks a lot!

One year later:

I am on 2.1.49 and this still remains a significant drawback for me. Yes, the word is rendered correctly while reviewing, but as soon as you strip the format of that particular letter/section in the editor, the letter remains in its isolated form (not the connected one). It’s very time consuming to put the word correctly back together.

This plus the general fact that Arabic words with two colours do not show up correctly in the browser are significant drawbacks for Arabic learners (who often times may wish to highlight particular parts of a word).

Any ideas on how to solve this?

If that’s true, there’s not much we can do, only hope that upstream, Qt will patch this bug (which is not impossible, they do spend their time patching bugs). For instance, the latest versions of Anki use a newer version of Qt, which contains a lot of bug fixes. Maybe you could try updating Anki, and see if it now works properly?


I echo @BlackBeans 's suggestion of updating. It seems to me the issue is fixed in the latest version (Qt6 build):

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