The optional explanation text color

✸ The problem described below is encountered with these note types:

2 Choices 1 Answer,
4 Choices 1 Answer,
4 Choices 2 Answers,
4 Choices 3 Answers,
5 Choices 1 Answer,
5 Choices 2 Answers,
5 Choices 3 Answer,
6 Choices 1 Answer,
6 Choices 2 Answer,
6 Choices 3 Answer,
Match the Items (4),
Match the Items (5),
Match the Items (6),
Order the Items (3),
Order the Items (4), and
True / False

✸ Problem description:

On my iPhone ankimobile, I fill the optional explanation with text in black, like this example in the picture:

However, when I preview the card, the text in the optional explanation always appears in gray, like in the following picture, and there is no option to change its color or size (Its size looks also smaller).

How can I fix this issue please?

That’s set by the shared deck you’re using. You can change it - tap the gear/cog while in the study screen, scroll down and tap on Card Template, and then you can adjust the ‘exp’ section of the styling to a different color (eg change ‘#808080’ to ‘black’).

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Thank you for your help. The problems of color and size have been solved based on your instructions. Thank you.

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