The Flag can be coexist

It is recommended that the Flag be coexist, otherwise it is of very limited use.

The current flags can only be used once, if another flag is added it means that the previous one will be overwritten and lost, which means that scenarios using the 7 flags should be mutually exclusive, i.e., there is a him but not me, but there are too few scenarios that fulfill this requirement

If you use these add-ons, you can view tags and add tags quickly.

Thanks, the first one does come in handy and saves a lot of time, but after I installed the second one, Anki got laggy!

There is a technical limit. Anki stores flag as an integer in the card table.

One could circumvent that with binary numbers converted to integer (ex: 0010101 = flags 1, 3 and 5 = 21 in decimal)

It may be a new bug since no similar issues have been reported.

Add this to the card template and the tag will show up. It cannot be edited, but it is a default Anki feature so it should be fast.

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