More Flags - Add flags with custom names and colors

Adding more card flags is a popular feature request. This add-on provides a solution to add any additional number flags, and customize their names and colors.

It should work on 2.1.46+ but I only tested on 2.1.65 and 2.1.66 so far. The add-on is prone to break with future changes to the flags system since it patches a lot of methods, so you’ve been warned. Please report any issues.


@dae AnkiWeb is preventing me from adding this page as the support page because of maxlength="80"

The limit is not enforced on the backend IIRC, so you should be able to work around it for now by editing the HTML.

I was worried you’d accomplished this by storing the values in the flags column, but you’ve used custom_data and used a short key as well - nice work!

Did that already :+1:

The recently added support for custom data search was helpful too to make them behave like normal flags. One thing missing though is the ability to search for cards that don’t have a given property (e.g. prop:cdn:cf=none). This is needed to modify the “No Flag” item to understand custom flags. I’ll look into preparing a PR to add this.

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Nice! I have lots of clozes in each note, so the flags are essential for my card management. I already use all the standard flags, and I’m constantly in the need for more flags. Your add-on may solve my problem.

Thanks for the add-on!

I hope that Anki will provide some more flags out of the box (and for use on Anki mobile) in the future. They are just so practical.

Its getting frozen .

(Assuming you’re the same person I replied to on Reddit)

I’ll keep an eye for more reports about the issue.

Yes I am the same guy. I have been using the add-on but still the bug persists. Currently I am using full keyboard accessibility navigation in Mac. I am using tab to navigate. I can’t click new, delete , save button with mouse.

First of all, thank you for the awesome addon. This is a feature I would like to see added as a basic feature of anki! There is one thing I would like to suggest. In the case of the added flag, it cannot be loaded from filterdeck. I would really appreciate it if you could update the added flag so that it can be used in filterdeck.

You should be able to use custom flags to filtered decks. Try selecting a custom flag in the browser sidebar to learn the search syntax.

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Thanks to you, I solved the problem. Now you can create filter decks with custom flags. I appreciate it!

I have one more question, I would be very grateful if you could answer.
Can I use custom flags like flag:0(no flags) in the filter deck?

In the case of custom flags, I know that they occur in the following order: prop:cdn:cf=1, 2, 3, … So, I checked to see if prop:cdn:cf=0 could be used like flag:0, but no. Is there a way?I would really appreciate it if you could tell me how to do!

P.S - To thank you for the add-on, I sponsored you through buymeacoffee. I’ve been waiting for this addon for a long time! Have a good day :slight_smile:

This is possible using “flag:0 -has-cd:cf”, but it only works on Anki 23.10 (will probably be released as stable in a few days).

Thank you for that!

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Hello. Thanks for this nice add-on. Does it show also Flags’ labels when studying cards?
Can it be coordinated with the add-on [Flag label - AnkiWeb]

Thank you so much.

There’s an option to show labels, so you don’t need to use the Flag Label add-on with it and it’s probably incompatible with this add-on.

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hello! I use ANKI’s card with {{Deck}} and {{Tags}} displayed on the front, as shown in the photo attached.
Is there a way to display the custom flags added through this addon like this? Since ANKI Mobile does not display the custom flag specified on the card, I am wondering if it is possible to put it on the front of the card in this way. thank you!

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It’s possible to make the add-on display custom flags in templates through a custom field/filter, but this won’t work on mobile.


Hi, every time I try to add a flag Anki freezes and I have to restart my laptop, making the add on unusable. My Anki version is 2.1.66

Are you on macOS?