Suggestion for default Anki functionality

Hello everyone!
I would like to suggest add-on that should be included in anki by default

Addon Name ① More Flags - Add card flags with custom names and colors

Reason for suggestion
In response to many people’s requests, anki’s default flags have been increased from 4 to 7, but there are still many people who want a wider variety of custom flags. There’s a cool feature called tags by default, but flags are really useful if you need to mark things on a card-by-card basis rather than a note-by-note basis. Anki would be more useful if various custom flags were possible.

Addon Name ② AnkiDraw - Draw and write using mouse and stylus with pressure support

Reason for suggestion
AnkiMobile and AnkiDroid provide the functions to write notes on cards using scratchpad and whiteboard functions. However, Anki desktop does not provide both scratchpad and whiteboard functions. For people who use math formulas and cards with long content, it is very useful to have a whiteboard function using a stylus. So I hope AnkiDraw becomes a basic feature!

I hope that the above two functions become anki’s default functions and I would appreciate it if you could consider these matters positively.

Additionally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who contributes to the development of Anki.

Thanks for reading,Have a nice day, then! :smiley:


flags with custom names

You can already rename the flags in the desktop application.

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What use is there for so many flags?

Every kind of maintenance:

  • add example sentence
  • add image
  • split up
  • format
  • needs updating
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I am a law school student and am preparing for the bar exam. The bar exam involves answering several derived questions in specific situations. Each derived problem has a related relationship to each other. So when I create a legal case practice anki card, I create the card in a way that presents one case and then cloze some derived issues underneath it. (uses clozeoverlapper a lot). Flags are very useful in cases like this. because tags are created on notes, but flags are created on cards.

There are probably people like me who use the cloze card a lot for other reasons. For those people, a function that allows them to freely add flags would be a very necessary function.

Oh, I know I can rename the flag. :slight_smile: I just use the full name of the add-on for clarity. I suggested to the anki team to consider adding the above add-ons to anki default features.

For drawing, I currently intend to make an image with layers in a separate file:

  1. the original image.
  2. occluding shape.
  3. layer group where I draw
    I draw the lines in the layer group and then disable the occluding shape 2 and reduce group 3’s opacity and toggle it to compare it to original image 1.

The card itself gets a screenshot of the image and/or the filename.

I tried using image occlusion and comparing images by looking at them, but that’s too hard.

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