The basic( type in answer in the answer) card type is not functioning properly

When I go to study my flashcards, it just behaves as a normal basic card, It does not allow me to type in the answer.
The answer to the flashcard is just revealed after pressing the space bar.
I have tried watching YouTube videos, searching on google, and reading through some sections of the anki manual , but nothing has helped.

This problem first arose when I just wanted to change 1 flashcard into the basic card type by clicking the
restore to default button

which in turn affected all of my flashcards which were orginaly set in the basic(type in the answer mode)

It sounds like you changed your template.

There are ways to go backward and ways to go forward.

  • If you want to roll-back changes and you’ve made them just now – Undo [Ctrl Z] the change. [If you select it from the menu Anki will describe which change it is reversing with each click (useful when you can’t see it happening).]
  • If you want to roll-back changes made longer ago than that – Restore from an automatic or manual backup Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions .
    • If you just want to grab one thing from a backup (like the text of a template), you can minimize data loss by importing the backup into a brand new (temporary) profile, find what you’re looking for, copy/export it, and then delete that profile.
  • If you want to correct the template change yourself – this is the section of the manual you need Field Replacements - Anki Manual.
  • If you want this note type to go back to matching the original/built-in type, you should add a new note type that is generated directly from the default “Basic (optional reversed card)” type [Pro tip: give it a meaningful name to avoid confusion in the future]. Adding/Editing - Anki Manual

“Add” means to base the newly created type on one that comes with Anki. “Clone” means to base the newly created type on one that is already in your collection.


Then you can “Change Note Type” to move any existing notes to that type – Browsing - Anki Manual – but make sure your collection is fully in sync across all platforms first. [And you can delete the broken version of the note type, since it won’t be used anymore.]


Thank you soooo muchhhhhh
Your advice really helped!!!

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