Accidentally changed "basic" card type to "cloze"

Please help! I accidentally made the format for ‘Basic’ into ‘Cloze’. Now, every time I try to make a Basic card, I get a prompt that says the card is not in Cloze format, and the card doesn’t show up/shows a link to the website for More Info.

I don’t know how I changed the format but I’m worried I’ll lose all my 1000’s of cards in Basic format.

How do I get the ‘Basic’ card format to reflect basic (front only) without having to uninstall and reinstall and risk losing those Basic cards?

I have the most updated version of Anki on my desktop. Thanks!

Quickest solutions to “accidentally did”/“wasn’t paying attention”/“read it wrong”/“clicked the wrong thing” are –

  • If you want to roll-back changes and you’ve made them just now – Undo [Ctrl Z] the change. [If you select it from the menu Anki will describe which change it is reversing with each click (useful when you can’t see it happening).]
  • If you want to roll-back changes made longer ago than that – Restore from an automatic or manual backup, Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions .
    • If you just want to grab one thing from a backup (like the text of a template), you can minimize data loss by importing the backup into a brand new (temporary) profile, find what you’re looking for, copy/export it, and then delete that profile.

If those options won’t work for you, you can just do the opposite of what you did to turn all of those notes (not cards) into Cloze notes – Select them all in the browse window, and “Change Note Type” to switch them back to Basic. Browsing - Anki Manual


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