Deleted all cloze notes

I have 399 flashcards of cloze and i have accidentky clicked something making them all normal cards and i can’t change them back!! how do i change this ?

Quickest solutions to “wasn’t paying attention”/“read it wrong”/“clicked the wrong thing” are –

  • If you want to roll-back changes and you’ve made them just now – Undo [Ctrl Z] the change. [If you select it from the menu Anki will describe which change it is reversing with each click (useful when you can’t see it happening).]
  • If you want to roll-back changes made longer ago than that – Restore from an automatic or manual backup Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions .
    • If you just want to grab one thing from a backup (like the text of a template), you can minimize data loss by importing the backup into a brand new (temporary) profile, find what you’re looking for, copy/export it, and then delete that profile.

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