`\textvisiblespace` not working in MathJax

The command \textvisiblespace isn’t working correctly in MathJax.

When displaying the card it isn’t a known command:
(on Anki Desktop, AnkiWeb, AnkiDroid)

But it shows perfectly in the editing space:
(fine in editing space, but at the same time not known in preview)

When using the command in Latex instead of MathJax,
it displays correctly.
(in LaTeX the command works in Math and Text-Mode)

I never use MathJax in Anki. However, it seems that you should add the corresponding package before using that command. See textcomp — MathJax 3.2 documentation.

How can I do that?

I tried it with \require{textcomp} and with a script, but both aren’t working:

Sorry, I have no idea about that.

\( \newcommand{\textvisiblespace}{␣} \)
to the card solved it.

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