MathJax not displaying properly in Anki 2.1.49

I do Right Click/Show Math As/TeX Commands/Cmd+A and Cmd+C on Math StackExchange. Then I create a basic card in Anki 2.1.49. Unfortunately, after I press Cmd+V and select in-line MathJax from the function icon, some HTML is introduced. I have to Ctrl+Shitft+X and remove the HTML for every card. Please find below an example of the HTML being introduced. This HTML causes the formula to display as text if not deleted. Is there a way to prevent this HTML code from being inserted in the first place? Where does this HTML come from? Does upgrading to the latest stable Anki version solve this problem? Thank you

You could try it and let us know :slight_smile: You can also paste without HTML by holding down the shift key, which may help.

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Thanks for that. Cmd+Shift+V worked perfectly…after I toggled off the Image Resizer add-on that I had installed. Apparently, Image Resizer is also using Cmd+Shift+V.

In any case, thank you very much for your input. I am quite happy I don’t need to upgrade just yet. :wink: Cmd+Shift+V does the trick for me for the time being.

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