MathJax does not work in Anki Linux

I have Anki linux for desktop. Mathjax doesn’t render when enclosed in \( \) or \[ \] This is the TeX I’ve tested with \(\sqrt{x}\) (It sucessfully renders when I just use LaTeX with [$] [/$]. I’ve tried the version of anki bundled with my distro and the version on the Anki website. I’ve tried starting without extensions and checking my database. Anki doesn’t display any bugs when I preview in the card browser or when I study the cards. Any ideas for how I can fix this or find more specific debug output?

It seems to be resolved by TS on Reddit.

For those wondering what the solution was, the mathjax was being formatted by some HTML preventing it from being picked up and displayed properly. To fix it ctrl-shift-x to edit the HTML and remove any extraneous tags.