Text 2 speech to learn 2 different languages

Can i study 2 different languages and use text to speech. I want to use one deck for spanish and one for french and I want to use tts for both. Thanks

Yes, it’s perfectly possible:

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Thanks cqg
Another question… when I change the back of the card to French it changes all my decks. I want some decks in Spanish and some in French.
Help please,

You need to use two different notetypes: one for your french cards, and another one for your Spanish cards.

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How do I change the note type? It’s basic now…

I don’t know how your cards are designed, but first you have to create a notetype for each language (Tools > Manage Notetypes > Add/Copy), edit it as you need, then Browser > Select cards > Change notetype.


Hi cqg

I just wanted to let you know I finally found where to change note types … I had to go into a deck, select browse, select, select all (or the ones I want to change), actions, change notetypes. I’m so happy it worked, but that’s a crazy process. Anki was my favourite app for learning Spanish so I was determined to make it work for French.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated,

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