Tabula Rasa - Clearing Out Everything

I haven’t used Anki with much regularity in the last long while. I want to start things fresh… so I deleted every deck and removed the media. On my computer I have the Default Deck with 0 cards within it. On Ankiweb I have the Default Desk with 0 cards in it. So far so good. But I am somehow using 13.54 MB on Ankiweb? It was fairly large before I deleted the decks and sync’d my decks with Ankiweb, and it deleted all the media associated with those cards, I checked the database, nothing there… I resync’d everything… and still 13.54 MB on Ankiweb…

Now I totally understand, it doesn’t actually matter, I just find it odd that with the default deck with 0 cards, no other decks, no media, nothing… I still am using 13.54 MB. Any idea why?


Space is not immediately cleaned up. It can be shrunk down with Check Database, followed by a full upload.