Disk usage >0 with no cards?

I created a new deck (25k items, ~20MB disk space), synced it to ankiweb, then deleted it. After deleting the usage didn’t go down. I re-created the deck, uploaded it again, deleted again and the usage went even higher.

Now syncing my phone with empty ankiweb I’m getting a message that I’m downloading 80MB of data (unexpected) but no decks show on the phone (expected).

Is this a bug or is there some hidden feature / trash that I need to empty?


On AnkiMobile or Ankidroid

You would need to click on the 3 vertical dots (Ankidroid) or the cog symbol (AnkiMobile) on top right

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Check Database will shrink the collection down after content has been deleted, and you can force upload that to AnkiWeb if you wish.

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