Size of my collections

When I first tried AnkiDroid, I downloaded a shared deck to see what it looks like.
Then I deleted it.

Now, I’ve created my own deck. I have about 15 cards (text question, text answer). I’ve linked my account to be able to edit the cards on my computer.
When I log in the web app, I see that my collection is 3.36 MB.
I don’t understand how it’s possible to have such size, whereas I have only few lines of text.

Question: when I delete a deck (the one I downloaded first), is it completely cleared from my collection?

depend if there were pictures or any kind of media in the deleted files. This gets stored into a trash media folder. You can clear it by “check media” in the menu bar., delete the unusef files, and then hit “check media again” and empty the trash. BTW 3.36 Mb is not much. I got like 20 gb. So no problem.

Tools>Check Database and Tools>Check Media will free up space after you delete content.

I’ve done the “check database” and the “check media” in the Android application. Then I synced to my account.

But in the web application, I still see “3.36 MB”.

I know this is not huge, but for 15 lines of text I think it’s weird.
The weirdest thing is that after deleting something, the size doesn’t decrease. That’s why I think maybe it’s a bug.

@CUB_Luke you said “empty the trash”. I don’t see this menu item. Where is it?

after you did delete the unused media files, this button will appear after you click again on check media in the bottom right corner (at least on 2.1.45). But you can do it manually too. Just open add on files, click “view files” and it brings you to the add on folder. Now go to the parent folder until you get to the collection media folder. In this folder there should be a folder with trash. If not, than there wasn’t anything that has been deleted. But maybe you can look out for anything that is in this folder. Maybe there are .txt or oder files that explains your 3.36 mb file size.

I don’t find the “empty trash” button and I don’t see “trash” folder.
I use version AnkiDroid 2.16.5.

I tried to export all my cards, including media → the archive is 143 ko.

I tried the following: import an existing deck with 10k cards. Sync. Delete the deck. Sync.
→ Size of my collection increased to 4.43 MB.

I think there is a bug in the deletion and the data are not fully deleted.

Anidroid means you are using mobile version only? I use iOS so I can’t relate, but when you download the desktop version of anki, then there is definately the option to trash unused media files and after that empty the trash. Deleting the deck does NOT delete the media files. At leas that’s the case for 2.1.45 - 2.1.56 (versions I use).

the empty space is where this button will pop up, in case there are any unused files.

Did you try to investigate your collection media folder to see, where the storage may come from? You can use tools like Daisydisk to analyse for example, or just do it manually

I use AnkiDroid, AnkiWeb and Anki Desktop (Windows).
In AnkiWeb I see the size of my collection. I tried to empty trash from Android and from Windows, I don’t find the option.

If I look at the files in my file explorer, the total volume is less than 4 MB:

Trash folder is empty.

But the problem seems to be on server side: it’s AnkiWeb that shows me the size of my collection. What I delete on the application still remains on my account in the server, even after sync.

To update AnkiWeb’s size, you need to force a one-way sync and upload to AnkiWeb.

How do you make a “one-way sync”?

Thank you, this worked!

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