Syncing Issue -- Lost Notecards


I previously had success with syncing my notecards from my Mac to my iPhone app. However, today, after creating several new notecards, I kept getting an error when trying to sync, even after restarting the app on my computer. I clicked on my preferences to do a force sync, and this gave me an option to download or upload from AnkiWeb. I thought this would allow me to retrieve my cards from AnkiWeb, but it appears that all the cards I made today have been lost.

Is there anything I can do to possibly recover these notecards?

Thank you

If you replace you new database (computer) with an old one (Anki web), you will lose new content.

Maybe you can still recover your lost cards, try this to restore from automatic local backup:

And don’t forget making a manual backup of your important data!


Great thank you! I was able to restore all of my cards using the backup function. This was very helpful you saved me a lot of heartache!

And I was able to get the sync to work on my phone, thank you!