Syncing browser with mobile app (app installation on laptop not possible)

Hello together,

What I have tried:

  • I cannot install the Anki App on my laptops as they are not private.
  • I watched the videos and did further research in the forum and elsewhere on people syncing their phone with their decks created in the browser.
  • Shared one of my private decks to see whether I will be able to find and use it tomorrow on my phone. However, this is an inconvenient way around the problem that I am not able to sync my decks after buying the App.
  • I am not able to find the sync funtion in the browser or an information that it does not exist with suggestions how to handle the issue. Hence, there is no error code or sth. similar that I can provide.

Could sb. please tell me that I oversee sth. totally obvious or maybe a more convenient way around not being able to sync the browser with phones.

Best wishes and a lovely Sunday,

I used AnkiWeb for note creation only a few times, but you don‘t have to „sync your browser“. The moment you save your note, the note is available on AnkiWeb and will be synced to your phone as soon as you initiate a synchronisation on your phone. Please check if you a logged in to AnkiWeb in your phone app‘s preferences.

I hope by „Anki App“ you mean the Anki application and not the AnkiApp ripoff, that hasn’t anything to do with the Anki ecosystem.


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