Syncing AnkiMobile from two different profiles on AnkiDesktop

I just bought AnkiMobile the other week.
I have two entirely different subjects (chemistry and physics) that I want to sync on my AnkiMobile app.
And whilst I’m on Anki desktop I made two profiles for the respectable subjects and realised that it was not possible to sync from two different profiles without each deck from the profile overwriting the other on AnkiMobile.

How do I bypass this whilst not needing to have the two decks on the same profile for it to sync to my phone?
[I’d like to keep the two separate as I can filter the contents/tags while I’m making the cards on the browse section on the desktop]

Hopefully this could also be a new feature on the AnkiMobile if possible where you can sync from two different profiles on desktop to the Mobile or AnkiMobile could have a “switch profile” feature as well.
Thanks in Advance

Please see Synchronizing multiple profiles - Frequently Asked Questions

In case you weren’t aware, searches can be combined, eg ‘deck:one tag:something’: Searching - Anki Manual

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