I have two profiles and cannot synchronize them separately

I have two profiles: one for learning Norwegian and one for learning English and I use Anki on my Iphone and Mac. For making it easier to understand the problem I have, I will describe the steps one by one.

  1. I synchronize the Norwegian profile on my computer and enter the Norwegian profile on iPhone and synchronize it as well, everything works fine.
  2. Then I synchronize the English profile on my computer and enter the English profile on iPhone and immediately I got the information that the decks are not identical and whether I want to download or upload. I choose to download (because just seconds before I synchronized the English profile on my computer) and suddenly I have Norwegian words on the English profile and all the English ones are gone on my phone.

I deliberately created two profiles for two different languages, but all my work is pointless since they don’t synchronize separately.

How can I solve this problem?

One profile One account

The easiest thing to do is export one of your decks in profile A (say, norwegian) and import it into the other profile. This way you can use just one profle for both decks.

Profiles are intended for different people using the same computer:


All right, so actually what I have done to help myself (two profiles) is counterproductive and I should have all the decks within one profile, otherwise, it just won’t work. It’s a shame because it’s harder to keep everything in order this way, but if there’s no other way I will proceed as recommended.

You can also have two profiles in the desktop version (not in Ankidroid), but you need to create two different accounts in ankiweb and sync them separately.

Having just one profile for both languages, believe me, is much easier, faster, and effective.

Thank you, I will follow your advice.

Just adding to @cqg 's reponse.

I have several profiles on my computer: used for friends and colleagues, for whom I update decks. These people tend to be not very technical and find it easier if I keep their decks up to date for them. That is one of the appropriate uses of separate profiles.

I have several languages and things on the boil — i.e. that I am currently learning. They are just separate decks. I schedule similar decks — e.g. two language vocabulary decks — at different times in the day, so as not to cause interference.