Synchronization fail? Big issue!

Hey everyone,

since yesterday evening I got a big problem with anki desktop (windows), for iPhone, iPad, macOs…
Everytime if I learn my deck, after 5-10minutes my cards are going to be delted. The system I made to abstract different topics is still there but there are just empty cards.

I am really annoyed of that, so please fix this. I am going to write a big exam tomorrow and I cannot learn my anki cards because they get deleted every time.

Already synchronized it many times, did backup updates but I am not sure whats wrong with it? Its since I downloaded the lastest anki desktop…
Can somebody help me out with this problem, because its really annoying to import the lastest backup file every time just to learn a few cards and the rest got deleted by itselfe again.
The main thing is, that it just get deleted without connecting to the internet or wlan (offline mode)…

Please fix it as soon as you can, please.



Just to be sure, you know that the number on the right of the deck names on the main Anki window is not the number of cards in the deck, but the number of (yet to be done) reviews scheduled for today? Basically, it’s the number of cards you have to see today. It’s normal that it decreases when you review them.