unknown host

I wanted to sync my collection to a new mobile, but got a download error that is an unknown host. I had just installed AnkiDroid on it, so it should have been the latest version.

Is this a bug in the app, or is this a bug elsewhere, eg. in DNS, or did the setup change, and the app just doesn’t know about it, yet?

You could get more help from the Ankidroid part of the forum, or here:

I was unaware of that, thank you, but otoh, the question is so far not very AnkiDroid specific - it’s about the infrastructure for syncing. If that didn’t change and DNS issuse can be ruled out, then it should be an AnkiDroid problem (or a local ISP problem).

Yes but if this happens on a specific Android device – looking at logs – then it’s more related to the current AnkiDroid implementation.

Ok, but I don’t have any other mobile device where I would need to download media right now. However, come to think of it, I can try with an additional profile.

It’s probably a temporary network issue + something caching DNS entries when it shouldn’t be. Maybe restarting your phone and/or internet router will help.

Thanks, Damien. You are right - after some 10-20 attempts, it finally synced correctly. I was just impatient when it didn’t work in the first five or so attempts.