Cannot sync ankidroid

The last 4 days i have problem syncing ankidroid. I am stuck on a loop where i must do a full sync everytime i press the sync button. I choose to download from the internet ( i use my pc with anki for studying so i cannot choose to upload from ankidroid). After the syncing completes, i am left with a non sync ankidroid and if i sync again, it says check media database. After i check media database, it says “database shrunk by X MB” ( the amount doesnt change). After that it forces me to do a full sync again. And the same is repeated.

I havent made any updates and i was using ankidroid just fine before. My pc version of anki works and syncs fine.
I also tried deleting ankidroid, and redownloading everything, but there was no difference.

Any help is appreciated, thanks

Hey, I’m having the exact same problem, on two different devices. I got the advice to contact the developers of Ankidroid.

See my thread with Dae’s reply here: Syncing issue with Ankidroid - #2 by dae

Please write to me if you manage to solve this!

I’ve started a thread over at the AnkiDroid forum at Github: [Bug] Requiering "Check database" on every sync · Issue #10755 · ankidroid/Anki-Android · GitHub

Someone there (I believe one of the developers, mikehardy) offered to take a look at my deck to see if something is wrong, maybe you could see if he could do the same for you.

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Indeed I am one of the current maintainers of AnkiDroid. I think we have all the data we need right now to troubleshoot, the next constraint will be time to troubleshoot, but I’ll put a call out in our dev discord channel to see if anyone has a moment to take a look. The report you filed @Calle looks great, hopefully we can find the issue

Following Dae suggestion solved the issue permanently. Thank you very much