Unable to sync from AnkiDroid with Self-Hosted Sync Server

  1. I started my self-hosted sync server on my system running Arch Linux with the following command:
  SYNC_USER1=USER:PASSWORD SYNC_PORT=8080 anki --syncserver
  1. In the “Preference” settings of my Anki GUI application on the same system as the one running the self-hosted sync server, in the “self-hosted sync server” box of the “Syncing” tab, I entered:
  1. When I hit the “Sync” button in the desktop application I was able to sync my decks to the designated location.

  2. In AnkiDroid, I set “Sync url” to http://MY-SYNC-SERVER-IP:8080/sync/, and set “Media sync url” to http://MY-SYNC-SERVER-IP:8080/msync/

  3. I then tapped the “Sync” icon on my AnkiDroid, entered the user name and password in the “Email address” and “Password” boxes using the values from the sync server command line. However, I got the following error:

   A network error has occurred

   Java.net.UnknownServiceException: CLEARTEXT communicatiion to
   xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx not permitted by network security policy

Please help me solve this issue. Thanks in advance.


If you update to the beta version of AnkiDroid, you should find it works.

Thank you very much @dae for your response. Just wanted to confirm that, to install a beta version on an Android device, I would have to install the app from a .apk file instead of from the Google Play Store right?

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you @dae for your help - AnkiDroid Beta worked for syncing with Self-Hosted Sync Sever.

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