Expand/Clarify AnkiDroid self-sync server docs

Related to https://groups.google.com/g/anki-android/c/-80ya_FGAxE

The Anki client setup documentation currently says:

Older desktop clients required you to define SYNC_ENDPOINT and SYNC_ENDPOINT_MEDIA. If using an older client, you’d put it as e.g. and respectively. AnkiDroid also currently requires separate configuration for the two endpoints.

However AnkiDroid is a widely used app, but the suggestion that one should input /sync path string for SYNC_ENDPOINT is incorrect and leads to the vague error A network error has occured.

I’m so sorry. I missed that last sentence when I replied to the Google Groups thread.
I’ve created a PR on this here: Clarifying AnkiDroid Self-Hosted Sync Server Endpoint Requirements by MinamiHasaki · Pull Request #139 · ankitects/anki-manual · GitHub

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Thank you for the pull request. :slight_smile: Given that in version 2.16 these will be one field, i think the issue will soon be gone for good. Your correction writes down and explains this to other users too. Have a nice day!

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