Seeking Solutions for Anki Sync Across Multiple Devices and Servers

I’ve configured my study tools with Ankidroid 2.17.5 on both an Android phone and tablet, alongside Anki 23.12.1 on two Windows 10 PCs, using a self-hosted server for synchronization. When out, I alternate between my phone and tablet for studying, depending on the situation. After syncing all devices with the private server, I tried syncing with AnkiWeb, which prompted a full upload. Subsequent sync attempts, (only) when reverting to the private server, required full syncs as well.

This leads to a dilemma: how to efficiently manage syncs between my devices without redundant studying, considering the distinct advantages of each device in different settings. Frequent server switches seem problematic. I’m seeking advice on how to optimize syncing when using both a private server and AnkiWeb, especially for someone who switches between an Android phone and tablet while on the go.

Any suggestions or best practices would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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my current solution is only use private server,
and bury the card in the 2nd device if i recognize that i have did that before in device 1. it seems ankidroid dont have a “skip” option like several desktop addon have?

You can use either AnkiWeb, or a personal sync server. Syncing was not designed to work with both at once.

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if possible, i still got 1 question.

suppose i now only use personal sync server.

when i took my android phone and tablet out,
how can i prevent doing the same card?
i mean, how can i "skip"a card on the 2nd device?
shd i do bury as above? thanks

Please see

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