Sync error "The message received was unexpected or badly formatted"


All of the sudden I started to get this message when I’m trying to sync: “error sending request for url (): error trying to connect: The message received was unexpected or badly formatted. (os error -2146893018)”

So, I tried to restart my PC (Win 10), to update from 2.1.49 to 2.1.51, then I installed 2.1.40. I even tried to switch my WiFi network and turn off firewall, though the error message doesn’t imply it could be connected. All to no avail.

My mobile Anki is working and syncing perfectly in the same network.

What should I do? Please, help.

It’s likely antivirus/firewall/proxy software running on your machine, or the network you’re on.

I don’t think so: turning it off and switching networks doesn’t work. Unfortunately.

It looks like you may have gotten things working. Presumably you changed something on your computer?

I ended up reinstalling Windows. It fixed things, but I wish there was an easier way.