Sync entirely messed up

Hey, since I got my new phone the sync has been entirely messed up. I keep downloading HUNDREDS of cards I’ve never seen before. Even when I deleted all cards from both the online segment AND my phone it continues to download these mysterious cards. My current Anki has 5 cards total with only 1 deck and they’re labeled Test 1-5. That’s it.

Also, I cannot sync the images of the cards. I get an error. My desktop anki doesn’t have this issue, it’s only on my phone. I haven’t had any other issue with an android device until I upgraded to the Note 20 Ultra.

Sync error & some examples of what I’m syncing:

Those are image files you likely downloaded from a shared deck. You can remove them with the “tools>check media” option in the computer version, then sync to send the deletions to AnkiWeb, and to your phone.