AnkiDroid Android App Deleted my Cards

I created a good 30 cards or so last night and spent hours doing this. I saved and today when I went back to add more cards, I noticed all my cards I had created last night are not there. Completely disappeared. I tried looking through the backup restore cards but its not there. I am extremely upset and really need those cards for my exam. This is a huge inconvenience for me. Please help! I am desperate!

So you added the notes on Ankidroid? Did you sync your collection and maybe chose “Download from Ankiweb”?

Well I created 30 new cards for my 1 deck, but I normally do it that way and when I’m done press the arrow to go back to my deck and it downloads on its own.this is the first time that they’ve disappeared

I did choose sync from web but it tells me there’s an error and I have to either upload the new deck or download the ankiweb deck. Both options do not bring my new cards back

For this, you should go to the Ankidriod support site where there is a section in the FAQ about this: FAQ · ankidroid/Anki-Android Wiki · GitHub