Synchronisation After Removing a Deck

I removed some of my old decks from AnkiDroid. They had too many cards due so I thought I will just remove them for now.

But now I want them back. So I synced with AnkiWeb and it started removing stuff from AnkiWeb. Well I somehow forgot this. My question is, Did some of my cards/media get deleted even though I pressed cancel?

sorry for ping @David Can you answer please?

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Yes, anything that was deleted before you cancelled was deleted. Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions

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I checked and the number of cards in the decks I wanted back is what I expect it to be. Is there a chance my media got deleted even if cards didn’t? I didn’t delete unused media from my phone so maybe it’s not an issue. can I take my notes not getting deleted as meaning everything’s fine?

Run a Check Media if you want to be sure. It will also tell you if notes refer to media files that it doesn’t have.

The only time Anki will delete media is if you use Check Media, or you delete it on another device and then sync.

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