Sync box can't sync and can't be shut down

I’m having trouble with Anki seemingly unable to sync. The box comes up saying that syncing is taking place, but it never stops and refuses to turn off. If you try to put the pointer on to the X to turn it off, the pointer turns into a circle and has no effect on the X. The only way to stop it is to turn off the computer, but when you turn it back on and click on Anki, that damned box appears again and you’re back where you started. Anki is a very important part of my daily Spanish work. Please help me out!!

First of all, when a program is not responding you can terminate its process with the Task Manager. It sounds like you are using Windows where the shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+Esc. That’s at least better than having to reboot every time.

As for the actual issue, did you encounter it over a longer period of time and did you follow the steps listed below?

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