Anki stuck synching


Hi, when I start desktop Anki, my sync is stuck for a very long time. Very rarely sync is quick (sometimes when I kill the anki task through taskmgr and restart the app). But usually this does not help at all. Not even restarting the PC helps. Sometimes media check takes a long time (once it took entire night and did not even finish). However, last time I did it, it took only few seconds. Yes I am using a lot of media files.

I moved from using Anki on laptop to desktop computer, but I am using more less the same environment (Windows 10, same other apps). I am also running this app as administrator (thought this would help).

I have already added Anki to ESET antivirus and firewall exemptions, but no luck.

I am not using the latest version (I think some addons were not compatible yet), but I am using some of the recent versions. I wanted to check which one I am using now, but obviously I cannot get into the app.

Thanks to everybody for helping me out.

Media syncing was reworked in recent Anki versions, so I suggest you try again with the latest version.

This might not be related at all but in case it helps anyone else. I have experienced Anki getting stuck syncing once in Version 2.1.30 (06a69c25).
I just force killed Anki and tried again and it worked.

What exactly did you see when it was stuck? Media syncing has a long timeout at the moment due to some technical issues, but if the connection appears stuck, the abort button should still work and you should be able to sync again to resume.

Hi, I did not reply earlier because I updated to the latest versions and wanted to see if I ever get that problem with syncing. The sync problem seems to be gone, but I still have problems when closing Anki. When I sometimes close Anki, the Anki window seems to be stuck (mouse icon changes to the loading circle) and it takes sometimes minutes to get closed. I also noticed high-disk usage in taskmgr during the closing.

Most likely that would be the creation of the backup file when closing the app.

Yep, either that or the optimising that heppens every ~2 weeks.