Anki won't sync on Mac after connecting AnkiMobile

Anki was working fine until I downloaded and connected the ankimobile app. Now, every time I open the app on my desktop the media sync log shows the message “Please sync again. If this message keeps appearing please post on the support site.” This has happened several times now, and the media sync log takes nearly two hours to get to this message each time

Your computer version appears to have uploaded a bunch of media files to AnkiWeb today, and initial uploads can take some time. My guess is the upload process got interrupted, and had to continue where it left off. What I’d recommend you do is use Tools>Check Media to confirm your media is in a good state, and then sync the desktop one more time. If everything is now in sync, the media sync should be much faster.

Every time I press sync after completing my cards the media sync log screen pops up and does not complete for several minutes.

If your computer was syncing media in the background while you were syncing AnkiMobile, that would explain it, as there would be new media files to fetch each time. Once you’ve confirmed the desktop media sync is complete, and then confirmed AnkiMobile’s media sync is complete, things should be faster.

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