Support for filtered deck with specific review order

I am working on an AI powered addon whose purpose (among others) is to find the optimal review order in case of backlog.

Hence, I want it to have my addon create a filtered deck containing a subset of the backlog and review the cards in a specific order.

Basically: I have a python dict containing the card_id and the index in which I want to review them.

Could you consider adding this feature? Or could you tell me of a way I could implement this using python? Even manipulation using the anki console would be fine for me. Unfortunately the code for filtered deck is now in Rust and I don’t know Rust.

Regards Damien!

Probably the easiest way would be to build the filtered deck normally, and then adjust the negative due numbers into the desired order afterwards.


Thanks a lot for the very quick answer as usual, it is very helpful.

Can you just confirm that changing the due number will not change any other part of the scheduling/intervals/ etc? I don’t want to permanently alter the database in case the user changes his mind about the addon etc. Is there a way to recompute the past due value in case I want to reset it for example?

If it’s a negative number, it should be a temporary number that will be restored with the value of the odid column upon answer/emptying of the filtered deck.

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