Superfluous filters

From many attempts I have many invalid filters (see photo).
How can I delete the filder? I can’t find a way.
Thanks for your help

Select the filter and click Filter > Remove Current Filter

I think there is no way to remove all filters at once.

Sorry, but that’s exactly the problem. I don’t have an entry “Remove Current Filter…”.

Sorry for not paying more attention to your question.

Filter > Tags > Clear Unused should remove these filters if they are not unused in your notes.

It seems you have hierarchial tags. you also have double quotes in one of your tags, but Anki or the hierarchial tags add-on (I don’t know which one since there are several) is not properly escaping the quotes, which is causing the error.

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If I understand you correctly, there is no way to find these fake filters and then delete them???

saved searches = filters usually appear in the left sidebar before the deck names and they have a heart icon in front of them.

The screenshots of the browser only show the left sidebar scrolled down. Do you see saved filters if you scroll the sidebar to the top?

If you do: You can select them and then try as abdo wrote in his first answr Filter->“Remove Current Filter…”

Does this help?

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Thank you for your reply.
Okay, I’m a little further now …
It seems there are no saved filters because I don’t see a heart.
If I create a filter for an example, for example “der”, I can see it under filter and delete it again.
So my problem is - thanks to your help -: There are no saved filters, huh.

Okay, I think these are orphaned tags, not filters

Thanks to all!