Suggestion-improvement: subcollections or "fixed custom filters"

TL; DR: It would be great if customizable filters like (deck: english flag: 0) could be kept fixed. You could save these filters as subcollections and have any other filters in the command bar apply only to those cards.

If you click the Filter… button, there is an option that let’s you save the search filter. So any point in the future you just can click on it at the sidebar.



Yes, I know that. But toggling between different views or filters is awkward. But I just remembered a program that had an even better browser concept than the one I was proposing. The browser shows each search criteria clicked, and above there is a bar where you can “close” certain filters.
In the side filter bar, next to each one appears the number of elements that are still available considering the active filters.
Of course, above is a traditional search box where you can type the boolean commands.

note: I post it in reddit too

I see, you want clickable bits of the filter query and a list to toggle on and off, more or less like amazon has. It that has a popular demand I guess an add-on could be made for that purpose.

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I would first try adding it to Anki core instead of an addon, so most people could benefit of this. However, QT is a nightmare of bugs, then, adding new features are just prone to break Anki in some platforms.


Anki does not have a feature to easily remove part of the search at the moment, but you can hold down a shortcut key while clicking to append a search to the current search:

Thanks for that information. For the other matter I leave my suggestion settled, in the hope that it will be incorporated.

The Sticky Searches add-on might also be helpful. It’s only available for Anki 2.0 at the moment, but the 2.1 release is basically ready at this point, so I will likely release the first test build next month.

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