How do I quickly find and delete my filtered decks in the Browse window?

Over time, I’ve accumulated around 50-60 filtered decks, and in an attempt to tidy up my main window, I ended up nesting them under various other decks, creating a bit of a hierarchy. However, this has made it quite a challenge to find them in the Browse window. Could someone please share any tips or shortcuts to help me locate them quickly? My aim is to delete useless filtered decks. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

You can safely delete filtered decks directly from the main window, this won’t delete any cards within those filtered decks.
Why do want to delete those decks from the browser window?

I have an Anki rebuild/empty add-on “104518886” that allows me to rebuild all my filtered decks. I hid these filtered decks because I was hesitant to delete them, and it was looking ugly on my main screen. Now it has become an issue. When I use the ‘Rebuild All Filtered Decks’ feature, some of my cards get placed into these hidden filtered decks, creating difficulty for me in finding them within my intended filtered deck.

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