Suggestions for merging translation entries for "Card Info"

Currently, the “More” menu in the review window is “Card Info”, and the same function is “Info” in the right-click menu of the browsing window. I think they should be the same, but the different expressions change after translation. It became a different translation.

I hope to merge these two identical translation projects and make some improvements to make Anki easier to use for novices.

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I agree that the translations should be similar/consistent with each other, since they refer to the same thing. (The translator may not have been aware of which menu commands they were translating.) But I disagree that they need to be exactly the same.

The More menu on the left has “card”-actions at the top, “note”-actions in the middle, audio/other-actions at the bottom. But the menu on the right is all card-actions, because you’re right-clicking on a card – it corresponds to the “Cards” menu in the top bar. So it is unnecessary to repeat “card” for any of the commands – flag, bury, suspend, etc. are treated the same way for the same reason.


I understand and I agree

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