Suggestion to improve cloze editing

Hello Damien,

To me, it would mean the world if you could add something like this, I’ve been thinking about it for months. It’s 3 ideas.

  1. The first idea is shortcuts to move the cursor (when editing a field) directly inside the next cloze or the previous one. For example :

    disease {{c1::A}} affects the organ {{c1::B}} and causes {{c1::C}}
    Shortcuts would allow to jump straight to A B or C.

  2. Second idea : a shortcut to increment or decrement the last cloze added, or the cloze the cursor is in.

  3. And third : is it really needed to be able to put the cursor between the {{ ? What I mean is that I frequently edit clozes and having to move the cursor from one end of the line to the other is longer when the cursor goes between every character, when it could actually directly jump the double brackets.

    I use a special kind of cloze template (link down below if you’re curious) that makes me end up with lots of occlusions in a row, it would really help if the cursor automatically jumped the brackets.

    Additionnaly, when clozing a text, I sometimes have to “exit” the cloze by double pressing the right arrow. This feels like an unnecessary burden on my poor pinkie. Also, same applies to “::”, they could be skipped.

What do you think? Thank you again for all you work.

link :


I highly recommend looking into something like keyboard maestro or auto hotkey to develop your own custom navigation for your specific needs. You can quickly and easily get everything you want without a new Anki add-on.


maybe also interesting: the add-on Wrapper meta-addon contains some cloze-related shortcuts.

The creator of this add-on can be hired. Maybe it’s easy = cheap to add the desired shortcuts so it’s cheaper overall than learning about AHK? Though in general AHK solves a lot of problems.


Thanks a lot, I didn’t know about KM nor about Autokeys and things like that. Thanks a lot!

THANKS! It’s probably what I’m gonna do. I never noticed this addon, maybe a newsletter or something like that would be interesting to hear about new addons.

Thanks a lot!

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