Make Cloze with shortcut key in HTML editor

I prefer making notes in the HTML editor.
However, I have to quit the HTML editor if I want to add Cloze with the short key Ctrl+Shift+C.
So I think it is vital to adding the feature to Anki.
Thanks for your great works!

In fact, this was possible at one point, but it was removed because many users were reporting bugs, when they had in fact only misplaced the cloze brackets in the HTML.


I’ve written an AutoHotkey script to achieve this.

I put the code in Github.

You can use Shift + F1(Or other you can change in the script) to reset the cloze number, F5 to Cloze or UnCloze(with number remaining, equivalent to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C), F6 to Cloze or UnCloze(with number raising, equiavalent to Ctrl+Shift+C) and Shift + ` to Save card and reset cloze number.