Shortcut to create cloze isn't working properly

when i press shift cmd c to create a cloze deletion as i used to do in previous version it automatically creates two cloze like this,
is there a solution for that

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Perhaps you double-tapping the c? If I press cmd+shift and then press and release c, it doesn’t add a cloze until I release the key.

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i only tap it once and it always creates two clozes, i’m on anki for mac

Can you provide more details? I’m on macOS 12.3.1, Anki 2.1.53 Qt6 (M1) and I do not notice the behaviour you’re describing, i.e. ⇧⌘C only inserts a single cloze as expected.

However, I can simulate it by creating a cloze using ⇧⌘C then highlighting the cloze that I just made and re-clozing it with ⇧⌘C, if I haven’t release the ⇧⌘ combination before re-tapping the C. It’s not hard to make that mistake if my thumb is resting too heavily on the trackpad.

i’m on the same version of anki on M1, and i’m on tapping on c once like i used to do on older version of anki

What language is your keyboard input set to?

canadien french


I tried with that keyboard layout, and still only get one cloze. It’s a mystery.

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