Suggestion to add pronunciation practice mode

A pronunciation practice mode added when studying the flash cards would be great!! It’s for language learning purposes.
I wish to listen to the pronunciation recorded in the flashcard, then have a record button to record myself saying the word/phrase, then I can replay 3 ways: only the original recording, only my own new recording, or one button to play both. This is really helpful to hear the difference between a native speaker’s pronunciation vs. mine.
I can find a way to do this elsewhere. But Anki is soooo awesome. I use it all the time. It will be great if this can happen in Anki.
Here is a picture of what it could look like:

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There’s an option to record your voice in the More button on the bottom right of the review screen.

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Thank you!! That’s very helpful!
Changing my suggestion to add a visual of the sound for comparison, like shown above.
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A user record/play button feature would be a big plus for language learners. I teach ESL and use a lot of audio files to facilitate pronunciation practice, and a big part of that is listening to recordings of one’s own voice, which is much more accurate than just hearing it. It’s a UI thing I guess. I know the feature is there but it’s hidden away from the user. If you can make a play button, how much harder is it to produce one for a record feature?

The feature would work just like it does now. Use REC a second time and the last recording is deleted. PLAY plays the current recording, if there is one. Generally, the DECK/PLAY side would already be there and would not be part of this feature.

____SELF____ || _DECK_
<REC> <PLAY> || <PLAY>

I’m not sure how a self REC/PLAY feature would implemented but it seems like it’s mostly done already. Perhaps as a default note type like Type in the Answer and/or menu button like Cloze […], where a REC button could be inserted into any field.