Suggestion: tiered settings levels and actions based on experience

Hello, I hope this finds you well.

I would like to suggest that you please implement a tiered settings and actions system based on the level of users’ experience. Anki is highly customisable and has a lot of options. This makes it powerful to users. This can also, however, be confusing to novice users. It may be useful, therefore, to show users a number and depth of settings, options, and actions based on their experience, for example ranging from “beginner” to “expert”. This may make the app more usable and intuitive, especially for new users.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Having preferences cordoned off into Basic/Advanced is an arbitrary organization method that is frowned-upon (at least from what I read).

It is counterintuitively frustrating and time-consuming because users have to guess and try to predict where the option that they are searching for is, wehther it’s under Basic or Advanced, etc.

Actually, didn’t Anki used to do this very thing (splitting options into Basic/Advanced), and get rid of it and arrive where it is today?


Yes I think the default settings should be tweaked over time so 90% of users would not need to do any editing, and only allow the customization for those who know what the parameters really mean.

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This is another excellent suggestion. I love this guy. Really though. This is needed so bad. I know a lot of people who use quizlet because anki is intimidating.