Suggestion of feature: "Bypass maximum interval" when reviewing

I don’t know if it is in the scope desired by @dae, but I’ll make this suggestion here.

Maximum interval, though not recommended, can be useful on occasion. I’m applying for getting a position, process in which there will be a major test, of enormous scope, and I don’t know when (maybe 2, 3, 5 years from now). I didn’t use maximum interval, but as I started getting intervals as long as 3 - 5 years, about very important contents, sometimes difficult contents and/or easy to forget because of interference of very similar other contents, I feared these intervals be too long, and adjusted a maximum interval of 1.5 years to ensure I will not forget the cards till the date of the test (at the same time, not too short, so as to avoid increasing beyond reason my working load).

But there are some cards that are too easy, or which somehow merely support contents, which where a basis for understanding something else but not part of what will be charged in the test, and as I firmly believe Anki algorithm, I know that for them there would be no problem in using the regular scheduling, bypassing maximum interval.

So, in the same deck, I have a majority of cards to which I would like to avoid extremely long intervals (like 5 years), but also a few cards to which I would prefer the regular scheduling, bypassing the maximum interval.

I looks for me that this is an issue only for me, but that many users may have the same desire.

If you could implement, beyond the 4 regular answer buttons (1, 2, 3 and 4), one or two more, standing for Good and Easy bypassing maximum interval, that is, scheduling the specific card being reviewed without considering the maximum interval set in the deck options, that would be terrific!

Off course, it would not be necessary to show these buttons in the reviewing window; they could be an option inside “More”, or simply have a shortcut attached to these functions.

Thanks anyway!!

A workaround would be having subdecks for the shake of using different group settings. If you review from the partent deck, the settings of the subdeck will apply, at least in v2 scheduler. Then, you could tag and then move cards in the other subdeck where you set a max interval of 1.5. Such restrictions will be kept for only the cards in that specific subdeck.

I do someting related to this, not for the max interval, and I do move cards based on tags form time to time.


Thank you for the idea. It would not be sth easy to manage, but I perfectly understand my request is probably far beyond what would be requested by an average user.

I also do sth like this thing you said. I have subdecks on each of my main decks for questions and exercises (multiple choice or other stuff not properly related to the regular learning); for this, my graduating interval is much longer- 12 days, the starting ease is higher, and, off course, no max ivl). But this is easier to manage, as, at the very moment I add the note, I know were to put it.

But this other subject of bypassing max ivl for some specific cards (that for any reason I feel easy enough to avoid spending to much time on it) is much more dynamic; it is more likely to be decided at the very moment of rating the card. And at this moment if I flag or tag the card for latter changing the deck, it will be already too late, as the card will have already been scheduled.

Anyway, I’ll try to figure out a compromise solution.

Thanks for you attention and for being so helpful!

I see. I do actually use the approach I described, the difference is that I do know which cards I want to have specific settings beforehand. For instance, cards which are asking numbers go to a more strict deck settings group with lower starting ease an so on.

In your case you decide in the very moment of reviewing the card, then I think it could be done via add-on. For example, hoochie mama add-on can overrule some settings if the user wants to. Hence, adding the option to ignore the max interval should do the trick. You can ask the author add-on about that.

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I indeed asked is to lovac42/ReMemorize. ReMemorize even allow me reschedule to an specific interval, what would be near what I need. But there would be 2 drawbacks: my review would not be registered nor the time spent considered in for further stats, and I would have to calculate the adequate interval in days. That didn’t sound a good idea.

I don’t think lovac42 is much interested in having all the work for coding this. Probably Damien also is not so excited :roll_eyes:! But at least I tried!


I see you asked him before asking here. I’ll take a look once 2.1.28 is released and I’ll try it out if the change is easy enough to implement. If you want to keep stats I think monkey patching some methods is the way to go (or either creating new hooks). I am not an expert programmer.

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